The ConfigMgr Community

How and where to get involved with the ConfigMgr Community.

Where to get started?

I wanted to take a moment to talk about the community and share the ones I participate in most. If you’re like me, I find a lot of value in being able to converse, brain-storm, and dork around with people who are doing the same things I’m doing. A lot of the people who are in these communities are more than happy to share their experiences and wisdom with you in times of need.

Above anything I’m likely to post on this blog, these resources would be the thing to take home if any of them are new to you.


Oh boy, do I spend a lot of time on Reddit. Most of that time isn’t productive, but when I’m trying to be, these are the subreddits I frequent:

If you aren’t familiar with Reddit, this website is a news aggregation website where users can vote on the topics they find most appealing, which promotes the visibility of that topic. Users can create posts and comment on said posts, which lends itself to being very conducive to these topic-specific subreddits with a specific focus.

Windows Admins Discord

Discord is a VOIP / chat platform that makes it easy to have topic based conversations. The community recently migrated from the WinAdmins slack to a Discord server because of the features it offers; this is a really important community to be a part of, I think.

You can use it in a browser, on your phone, or with a desktop app.


While I’m fairly new to Twitter, it didn’t take me very long to understand the value of being able to interact with other admins in such an immediate and open way. Now, I’m following many people who contribute to the #ConfigMgr Community in meaningful ways, as well as a lot of the #ConfigMgr product team, and it’s helped me stay afloat in this rapid iteration world we live in.

Some interesting hashtags to follow;

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